Our dances are taken from a number of Cotswold villages, including Fieldtown, Sherbourne, Bampton, Oddington and Adderbury. Each of these villages evolved a distinctive dance ‘tradition’, featuring different stepping and figures, although usually performed to common tunes.

We are also writing a series of Sheffield dances named, aptly, after the city’s five rivers. So far we’ve got one – Porter – a three-person dance that we can dance for six, nine, twelve or indeed any multiple of three. One day we’ll get round to writing some more.

As the side’s dance style has evolved since formation, so has our repertoire. Some individual dances, and even whole traditions, have been dropped, with new traditions and dances introduced. Below is our current repertoire. 

Many members also dance solo and double jigs in a variety of traditions, depending on personal preference.

Sweet Jenny Jones (stick)

Banbury Bill (hanky)  
Webley Twizzle (hanky)
Step and Fetch Her (hanky)

Abraham Brown (hanky)

Balance the Straw (stick)
Country Gardens (stick)
The Forester (hanky)
Valentine (hanky)
Porter (hanky)

Highland Mary (hanky)
Skirmish (stick)
The New Barracks (stick)

Constant Billy (stick)
Orange in Bloom (hankie)
Cuckoo’s Nest (hankie)