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Morris dancing can bring a great traditional element to an event and is worth considering if you’re looking for entertainment that’s a bit out of the ordinary. We don’t need electricity, a stage or any special equipment, only a relatively flat surface to dance on that isn’t slippery or uneven.

Five Rivers Morris are available for a range of events and functions throughout the year. These range from folk and morris events, such as festivals and days of dance, to country markets, Christmas Fairs and appearances at individual pubs, which we undertake for our own enjoyment every week over Summer.

We are also happy to receive bookings for weddings and other private functions. We can provide very cost-effective entertain and have-a-go sessions for corporate functions.

Our rates will depend on the type of event, but will usually just reflect any expenses we will need to expend to get there, or be in-kind (entrance tickets, food, beer etc). We don’t charge for appearing at pubs. Unfortunately we can’t say yes to everything we are invited to. We don’t do this for the money (which is a good job) and our members have limited time they are able to commit to dancing out. Sometimes we just don’t fancy the event! But we will consider all offers and requests made of us.

We love dancing out with other teams, so if you’re within an hour or so of Sheffield and fancy meeting up somewhere in the middle then we’re always interested to hear from you!

Get in touch if you have an event you would like us to dance at, if you want to see us at your local pub, or if you’d just like to chat through the practicalities of having Morris dancing at your event.