As with everything else about the team, our kit is clean, crisp and simple. It was also designed with ease of access in mind, to ensure it is relatively easy for members to pick up new bits as they were needed, rather than needing specialist suppliers or tailoring.

The main colours of our kit are black and white with RAF and Navy-blue detailing. It briefly comprises;

  • Black top hat. Felt with a band in team blues.
  • White heavy cotton shirts. Good for dancing in the rain as they take a while to get wet and don’t go see-through. Bad for dancing in the rain because they take forever to dry.
  • Baldrics in team blues. Light blue across left shoulder, dark blue across right.
  • Black cords cut off just below the knee.
  • White socks pulled up to bottom of trousers.
  • Shin bell pads.
  • Black (preferably leather) shoes or trainers. The original concept for Five Rivers was to be a traditional black-shoe side, however, this has been relaxed in recent years mostly due to injuries and availability of well-supported black shoes.