Age policy

As a morris team we think we have a responsibility to encourage and nurture anyone who is interested in traditional music and dance. We’re therefore  happy to accept dancers over the age of 14 who want to learn to morris dance and who are willing to put in the commitment to attend practices.  We’re a responsible group of people, some of whom hold full CRB checks and we’d all love it if one day our kids wanted to join, so we don’t want to deny the opportunity to others.

However, we do ask that parents or guardians understand that Five Rivers Morris is a group of individuals, not an organised society, public service or youth group. Ultimately minors remain the responsibility of their parent or guardian who would be required to attend any practices or dance outs that their child might take part in (even if it was just to sit in the car outside!) and there may be events that it is not appropriate for minors to attend. Ultimately we all do this as a hobby, often to have some time off from our own kids, so we don’t want to become responsible for someone else’s.

If you’re unsure then the best thing to do is drop us a line and we can have a chat about the practicalities of what’s involved in being part of a morris team and whether your child would fit.

We don’t have any upper age limit on joining. Once you’re past 18 you’re old enough and daft enough to look after yourself.