2008 – 2009

Items of note 

22nd May 2008 – First ever practice above the George IV pub (now closed) on Infirmary Road, Sheffield.

9th October 2008 – First AGM, at someone’s house

13th November 2008 – Name and kit agreed at EGM at practice

22nd January 2009 – Practice venue changed to current venue, the Burton Street Community Project, Burton Street, Sheffield.

23rd April 2009 – Five Rivers Morris holds first dance out at the Fat Cat and Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield.

May 2009 – Had stones thrown at us whilst dancing at the Sheaf View pub. We’ve never been back.


Squire –Christopher Taylor

Foreman – Simon Whitbread

Bagman- Jon Brenner

Treasurer – Ali Worsley

Kitman – Pete Bailey