Below are the current officers of Five Rivers Morris. Officers are elected at the AGM at the beginning of each practice season in September and serve for a year. For previous years’ officers, please see our past.

Squire – James Merrylees

James joined Five Rivers, his first dance team, in 2012 and first danced out at IVFDF 2013 in Sheffield. He served as Bagman for two years until deciding to take the easier job of Squire.

Foremen – Ed Nunn

Ed previously danced with Colchester Morris and joined Five Rivers when he moved to Sheffield for University in 2015. Ed is charged with introducing some new stick dances.

Bagman – Alix Bodin

Alix volunteered. No one raised any objections. Well done Alix.

Treasurer – Darren Yendley

Darren sorts the money. Only occasionally has to resort to sending the boys round.

Kit – Ray Cunningham

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