2015 – 2016

Items of note

  • Ray Cunningham succeeded Ali Worsley as squire.
  • The team attended IVFDF 2016 in Coventry. Many beers were drunk. On the way home Alix bought a train ticket to Shenfield by mistake. These events may have been connected.
  • We had a lot of fun at the JMO day of dance in York. James found that a 50 pence piece fitted exactly inside a 3/4″ bell, simultaneously losing him 50p and making said bell useless.
  • Chris Taylor won the inaugural Cliff Barstow Jig Competition at Shepley Spring Festival.
  • We pulled the Ossett Beercart. Again.
  • The team attended Sidmouth Folk Week to run kids’ morris workshops. A fantastic week of teaching, dancing and making new friends. Ali made a new friend and put up with Clive all week.
  • We attended Shrewsbury Folk Festival as part of a sizeable Sheffield contingent which also included Sheffield Steel and Pecsaetan. We had a consistent two sets up and danced a four-set Country Gardens with Pecsaetan.
  • Special thanks to Darren and Liz for sorting us loads of new kit this year.



Adderbury Sweet Jenny Jones (stick) Squire Ray Cunningham
Bampton Banbury Bill (hankie) Foremen
Simon Whitbread
Christopher Taylor
Webley Twizzle (hankie)
Step and Fetch Her (hankie) Bagman James Merrylees
Fieldtown Balance the Straw (stick) Treasurer Nigel Holmes
Country Gardens (stick) Kitman Simon Whitbread
The Forester (hankie)
Valentine (hankie)
Porter (hankie)
*Indicates addition to repertoire from previous year
Sherborne Constant Billy (stick)
Orange in Bloom (hankie)
Cuckoo’s Nest (hankie)
Oddington Highland Mary (hankie)
Skirmish (stick)
The New Barracks (stick)

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