2014 – 2015

Items of note

  • Team saw its biggest influx of new members since formation, with three new dancers joining.
  • Got some smart new team hoodies. Mainly worn by cold wives and girlfriends.
  • May 2015 – Team danced at the second annual Ossett Beercart and didn’t get rained on. Attended Long Itchington beer festival with Earlsdon Morris.
  • June 2015 – Appeared at Beverley Folk Festival and danced in the theatre used to film the village hall in the 2015 Dad’s Army film.
  • August 2015 – Danced in Sheffield with Adelaide Morris, visiting from Australia. Attended the annual Saddleworth Rushcart as a guest Morris Federation side.



Adderbury Sweet Jenny Jones (stick) Squire Ali Worsley
Bampton Banbury Bill (hankie) Foremen
Simon Whitbread Christopher Taylor
Webley Twizzle (hankie)
Step and Fetch Her (hankie) Bagman James Merrylees
Fieldtown Balance the Straw (stick) Treasurer Nigel Holmes
Country Gardens (stick) Kitman Simon Whitbread
The Forester (hankie)
Valentine (hankie)
Porter (hankie)
*Indicates addition to repertoire from previous year
Sherborne Constant Billy (stick)
Orange in Bloom (hankie)
Cuckoo’s Nest (hankie)
Badby Beaux of London City (stick)
Oddington Highland Mary (hankie)
Skirmish (stick)
‘New Stick Dance’* (stick)

Photos from 2014 – 2015


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