2010 – 2011

Items of note

  • Baldricks added to kit
  • Danced at John and Sarah’s wedding



 Adderbury Bluebells of Scotland (stick) Squire Christopher Taylor
Sweet Jenny Jones (stick) Foreman Simon Whitbread
Haste to the Wedding (hankie) Bagman Darren Yendley
 Bampton Bonny Green Garters (hankie) Treasurer Ali Worsley
Banbury Bill* (hankie) Kitman Pete Bailey
Webley Twizzle* (hankie)
 Fieldtown Balance the Straw (stick)
Country Gardens (stick)
The Forester (hankie)
*Indicates addition to repertoire from previous year
The Rose (hankie)
“Morris Off” (either)
Valentine (hankie)
Porter* (hankie)
 Sherborne Constant Billy (stick)
Orange in Bloom (hankie)
Cuckoo’s Nest (hankie)
 Badby Beaux of London City (stick)

Photos from 2010 – 2011


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